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Circular Head Christian School is set on 8 hectares of land in Smithton, north-west Tasmania.
CHCS provides a partnership with parents, students and education.

CHCS provides learning opportunities from Early Learning through to Year 12.
 Our desire is that each child will endeavour to be the best they can be in all aspects of life.

We provide a framework for building positive relationships to create an environment where learning is enhanced.

Early Years

Early Years offers a safe and happy play-based learning environment for children aged 3 to 5 years.

Junior School (Kinder to Yr 5)

Junior students are supported and nurtured in their learning by their home room teacher.

Middle School (Yr 6 to Yr 9) 

Middle school is a transition from junior to college, allowing students to develop their learning experiences.

College (Yr 10 to Yr 12)

Our College provides an engaging, stimulating, supportive environment for students to finish their final years of schooling in, as we know that students learn best in this setting.

God Centred, Family Orientated, Community Focused and Mission Hearted